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We are on a MISSION to have te reo Māori spoken across Aotearoa.

One word. One phrase. One conversation at a time.

Playing Cards will expedite your reo and get the phrases "flowing".

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Reusable Cup-"Kaitiaki” Guardian
Reusable Cup-"Kaitiaki” Guardian
Reusable Cup-"Kaitiaki” Guardian

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Reusable Cup-"Kaitiaki” Guardian
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I have 3 of these T shirts and I just love being able to spread the “Be Kind” message


I love that our tamariki at school come up and read the te reo Māori as well as practise the sign language. It's wonderful to have  our three official languages celebrated on this tee.


I love my Kia tūpore t-shirt and so does everyone who reads it and tries out the languages! Comfy and great quality!


The  Be Kind-Kia Tūpore T Shirts are a great way to celebrate and normalise Te Reo in NZ, I am so happy I was able to get my hands on one!


We Want to Spread the Word

We all know that repetition is king when learning a language so we have added reo to everyday items, for your home, your clothing and our schools to encourage you and others to use it.

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