Rona and The Moon-Pūrākau Poster
Rona and The Moon-Pūrākau Poster
Rona and The Moon-Pūrākau Poster

Rona and The Moon-Pūrākau Poster

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Taake whakauru. Te tuku kaipuke ka tatau i te tihi.
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Rona went out one night to fetch water with her tahā. She couldn't see when Te Marama (The moon) hid behind a cloud. Rona fell. She yelled some dreadful abuse and...there she is, up in the sky and can be seen on some moon phases.

Use this fabulous poster to retell the pūrākau (story) and initiate conversations around Rona and her mistake "Ko te hē o Rona".

Great in any setting. Schools, ECE, Offices, Libraries etc. The  art work is absolutely stunning.


Buy a poster and get a RONA collaborative poster for your class!

Ākonga are given one section of a large mosaic poster to colour in according to the instructions on each sheet. 
Once all sheets are coloured and cut out they are then assembled to reveal a poster 120cm x 60cm.

There are also suggested links to activities to deepen the understanding of this pūrākau.

Also a great way of discussing how words can have consequences and the whakataukī "Ko te hē o Rona" The mistake of Rona.


Large poster is made from PP material that has superior ink absorption and whiteness. It is lightweight and tear-resistant for ease of display. 

  • 240GSM High Definition 
  • Premium tear-resistant material
  • Matt finish
  • 420mm x 594mm (A2)

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